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List Your Venue Shows and Share in the Exposure

Venue Introduction

Whether you own or manage a small club, a mid-sized theatre, a music department or a large arena, HeyLiveMusic has options to help keep you in front of current and potential customers.

Once you start entering your shows an ongoing history of the shows (scheduled and past) will be available to you and those interested in your club. Your participation in the HeyLiveMusic Project has begun!

Click on the More Info button for additional information.

It's simple to get started:

Venue Information

1.0 - Own or Manage or book artists at a facility with live music? Read on?

HeyLiveMusic will help get the word out about your venue.


No matter how small or large your facility is - get it listed here.


No matter what kind of music it is, get it listed here.


This site provides one spot for people around your area and beyond to learn about your venue.


You may have a website now but only those people that know about it or stumble upon will see it. With HeyLiveMusic they will see your club and the live acts listed all the time while perusing the other shows.


If your establishment (clubs, schools, churches, festivals, arenas etc) has live music:

  • everyday
  • once a week
  • once a month
  • once a year
  • or any combination of these,

...then you need to register on HeyLiveMusic and get the word out to your city and even the world about your establishment.


It's easy and it works!

2.0 - So what defines a Venue?


Any facility that is offers live music of some sort should register and get the word out through HeyLiveMusic.

Clubs, hotels, churches, schools, parks etc.

  • 8th grade recital at your school - get the school listed and then add the 8th grade Orchestra as an Artist (High Schools and below may qualify for a free upgraded membership)
  • Your club has been open for years... be sure your regulars know what is going on and help others find out about you as well.
  • High School is putting on a musical - list it!
  • Karaoke at your pub tonight - list it!
  • Orchestra is performing - list it!
  • You book events for Madison Square Garden.  Get listed!


3.0 - How it Works - Sharing in the Exposure

HeyLiveMusic is made up of three main parts.

  1. Venues
  2. Artists
  3. Shows

You've got the Venue, you gather the Artists and you put on a Show!  Great but now you need the most important part, the audience.  That's where HeyLiveMusic shines.


All shows get listed here because this is where people go to find live entertainment.


You will benefit from sharing in the exposure.


You may have your own website but who knows it's there?  Just the people that know.  What about all those that don't know about you?  How will they come across your site?  HeyLiveMusic will lead the people to finding you and then, if you want, send them to your site.


HeyLiveMusic is not about the big name acts playing the big name arenas.  Hey we love those shows and yes they are listed here but you can find out about them anywhere.  Our focus is the local show with the local acts playing the local venues.


While visitors look for live entertainment in your area, your venue's name will be listed along with others.  They would never have seen your name anywhere else but there you are - a new set of eyes learning about your club or your show! Everyone is listed so this is where everyone will go!


All levels, all kinds, for everyone: sharing in the exposure!


Register and start adding your shows today!

4.0 - How to register your Venue

Registering your Venue on HeyLiveMusic.

  1. Login. If you haven't done so yet, register on the site by creating a new account, confirm your email and then login.
  2. From the Get Started option Click on Add Venue (Once you have entered one Venue you will also have an Add Venue option in your menu links on the left)
  3. Enter your Venue information.
  4. Your information will then be sent to HeyLiveMusic and confirmed as a valid location.  Its likely this will be done in minutes without having to contact you and you will get an email saying so when its complete.  Someone may email or even call you if there is a question.
    (Why the approval process?  The show listings in HeyLiveMusic are the heart of our system.  Valid information is what will make people keep coming back. )
  5. Once approved you will have new menu options to add a See "How to Add a Show"
5.0 - Venue Verification

All Venues will be verified by HeyLiveMusic before being visible on the site.  This process will typically only take a few minutes.


Once the Venue has been submitted, the HeyLiveMusic staff uses the information provided (address, phone, email, website etc) to confirm that the Venue is valid and then it is switched to active.


If we have questions about your registration information we will send an email or give you a call.

6.0 - How to Add a Show

One you have registered your Venue it's time to add shows.


Click on the Add Show! menu link.  From there you will be prompted for the Date, Artists and details about the show.


Save it and it's now viewable in any of the appropriate Show Lists.


You can easily then add another show by using the 'clone' option or entering a new one from scratch.

Venue Overview

Alice's Story

 Alice owns a restaurant/bar called – you guessed it – Alice’s Restaurant.  Alice has live music three times a week.  Every day, while dining, someone shares with a staff member: “I didn’t know you had live music here!” Alice has a website of course, but unless you know about it and visit it, you don’t’ know about her shows.

What can HeyLiveMusic do for Alice?  Once she spends a couple minutes each week to record her upcoming shows, every one looking at HeyLiveMusic will see her listed, and while they may say - “I didn’t know they had live music there!” – They are saying it before the fact, and they can still make it to the show!  They can also see other upcoming shows, as well as a history of shows.  If Alice wants to, she can even have a flyer or special offer for a visitor – or send them to her own website.

As the years go by, along with some signed pictures on the wall, Alice can refer to the list of past performances on HeyLiveMusic and reminisce about the good times had by all.  The HeyLiveMusic Project will always keep her records – even if the place closes!
The possibilities for Venues are endless!