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Get Your Music Service In Front of Prospects

Music Services Introduction


  • Lesson provider?
  • Songwriter?
  • DJ?
  • Manage artists?
  • Recording studio?
  • Musician of band for hire?
  • Equipment repairs?
  • Piano tuner?
  • Rent music equipment?

Whether you work from your home or from a storefront HeyLiveMusic offers a spot where visitors can learn about your business.  Working for you 24 hours a day!

  • Brief and detailed ad section describing your services
  • Optional contact info such as:
    email, phone and address with map link
  • Anonymous email contact link to prevent spam
  • Website link
  • Ability to upload flyer/coupon for viewing and downloading
  • Ability to upload audio files to promote your business
  • Ability to upload video files to promote your business

Locations Monthly Annual
1 $9 / month Launch Special - $49 / First Year
Use code "1234" for $0 on next screen
 Up to 10 *
$25 / month Launch Special - $129 / First Year
Up to 100 * $99 / month Launch Special - $399 / First Year
* Coming soon - email for info



Ralph's Story

Ralph gives piano lessons and is a piano tuner.  He also plays keyboards in a 70’s band and owns a small pub called “Hey Norton’s.”  Ralph loves HeyLiveMusic.  Here's why...

He has his band listed and is able to share upcoming shows as well as past performances with any potential customer that wants to book the band.

He updates “Hey Norton’s” shows in HeyLiveMusic because they have music on the weekends. It is mostly acoustic shows for newcomers but now and then some famous people come through. He loves seeing his small pub listed next to all the big arenas on the HeyLiveMusic shows page.

Best of all, is what HeyLiveMusic does for Ralph’s piano teaching and tuning business.  Ralph uses the Services membership area on the site to advertise his music services.  Because of all the unique traffic at HeyLiveMusic, he has a steady flow of new business coming to him.  It also costs far less than the daily or weekly papers which have a very short shelf-life. 

HeyLiveMusic works for him all day every day.  He even advertises his 70’s cover band there because one Music Services membership covers all his listings!

The possibilities for Ralph and his music adventures on HeyLiveMusic are endless!