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Have One Central Resource for All of Your Schools Performances!

School's Introduction

All schools (K-12),  colleges and universities should list their facilities and various performances with the HeyLiveMusic Project!   This creates another powerful avenue for those responsible to get the word out about all live performing arts events as well as an ongoing history and resource for past shows.

If you are a member of the faculty at a school, register and begin adding your facilities, artists and shows.  Because of the varied and unique nature of the shows a school puts on, you may have several venues as well as artist names that are more general than specific. 

For example, a school district has the option of entering multiple venues such as auditorium, band room, theatre, gym etc. or you can just name the school and use the Show Details section for additional notes about location, show name etc.

Regarding artists, there may be multiple "organization" Artists (ex. Middle School Choir, H.S. Band, Jr. Class Musical etc.) as well as individuals that perform.  When entering artists be sure to identify your school (ex. "ABC High School Choir", Boys 5-7 Jazz Band etc.), this will allow you to build a history of performances for that "artist."

It's simple to get started:


Ted's Story

Ted is a music teacher at a local high school. He heads up the music department and schedules all of the performances.  He is also responsible to get the word out about the music programs but has no budget for it. Typically Ted finds that the people who attend the shows are family members of performers, faculty and some students. Often times the auditorium is half empty.

The school might have a website, but unless you visit it for some specific reason you won’t find out about the great production of the play Footloose, or the high school orchestra concert that showcases kids with some real talent!

Not only is there a potential audience living just minutes from the school, but there are people all around the area that would appreciate some of the school’s shows. They just might never be exposed to the schools’ calendar.
What will HeyLiveMusic do for Ted?  In just minutes a month he can put all of the shows on, along with any pertinent details, pictures, flyers and videos.  While the school’s website can list the shows, what’s even more helpful is it can mention “All of City High School’s performances can be found on HeyLiveMusic.”  And people will remember this because – that’s where everyone goes for local live music information!

And when The Smith’s, who live just around the corner from the school,  are perusing HeyLiveMusic for the City Symphony Orchestra shows  and see a performance of “Bye Bye Birdie “ is playing  (they went to the movie on their first date)they call and get a ticket and are new fans of the school!

And HeyLiveMusic keeps a history of all shows so those involved will always have a historical record to go back to and reflect on. The HeyLiveMusic Project will never delete the school’s records.

The possibilities and benefits for schools are endless.