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List Your Act and Build A History of Your Performances!

Artist Intro

Whether you are an established artist, just getting started or somewhere in between, HeyLiveMusic has options to help get the word about you!  

Even if you already have a website, you need to be listed on HeyLiveMusic so your performances are tracked

For schools this proves to be a great resource for tracking upcoming and past shows for various featured performers such as choirs, bands and orchestras.

Once your shows are in HeyLiveMusic an ongoing history of your shows (scheduled and past) will be available to you and those interested in your act. Your participation in the HeyLiveMusic Project has begun!

Click on the More Artist Info button for additional information.

It's simple to get started.

More Artist Details

1.0 - Got an Act?

 Do any of the following apply to you?

  • You're a performing solo musician
  • You're in a band
  • You've just started playing in public
  • You've played out for years
  • You work as a professional concert musician
  • You're touring the country
  • You're the Orchestra Leader for a High School
  • Your Church Choir is putting on a performance

If one or more of these apply, you need to register with HeyLiveMusic and make your Act's shows available for more people to see!

2.0 - Steps to Get Started as an Artist in HeyLiveMusic
  1. Create an account in HeyLiveMusic by registering.  You just need some basic information like a login and email.
  2. Once logged come back to Get Started and there will be an option to Add Artist.
  3. Enter your information entered - include your bio, pictures, audios and videos.
  4. Make sure any place you play knows about HeyLiveMusic
  5. Have the Venue add you to their show!
3.0 - Sharing in the Exposure

Benefit from sharing in the exposure.


You may have your act on other websites but you need to drive people to finding those.  HeyLiveMusic will lead the people to finding you and then, if you want, send them to your site.


HeyLiveMusic is not only about the big name acts playing the big name arenas.  Hey we love those shows and yes they are listed here, but you can find out about them anywhere.  Our focus is the local acts playing the local venues.


While visitors look for live entertainment in an area you are playing, your name will be listed along with others.  They would never have seen your name anywhere else but there you are - so you have a new set of eyes learning about your act!  Everyone is listed so this is where everyone will go!


All levels, all kinds, for everyone: sharing in the exposure!

Carol's Story

Carol has a band.  A good band!  She’s the lead singer and bass player and writes some good songs.  They’ve been together for two years and have played a number of shows.  They know it’s a very tough business so they get the word out where they can. The band has a very involved MySpace page and lately they created a Facebook page as well.  They also have their own website, and are listed on ReverbNation, Bandmix, and a bunch of other music sites.  

What can HeyLiveMusic do for Carol’s band?  While those that follow the band on any of these sites may know where the band is playing, what’s the chance that someone looking for a show to attend that has never heard of the band, ever finding out about them?  It’s possible on HeyLiveMusic!  HeyLiveMusic doesn’t replace the sites the band has – it enhances them. While someone looks for another show, there’s Carol’s band listed as well. 

And HeyLiveMusic keeps a history of all the shows the band plays.  Carol can use it as a resume of sorts when approaching other clubs for gigs.  She can also find more clubs to contact as she sees where some of the bands she plays with have also played.  Additionally, while Carol doesn’t think about it now, if she doesn’t become the next Joan Jett, she can always go back to HeyLiveMusic and see all the shows and clubs and other acts she performed with – some that are big stars now, and share it with others. The HeyLiveMusic Project will always keep her records – even if the band breaks up.

Using the shows search/filter option Carol’s pursuit of places to play never ends. The possibilities for Artists are endless!