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Talent Agent/Promotions/Management
Jun 2, 2011, 8:19:52 pm
Playing classic sounds of the 60&#39;s, 70&#39;s &amp; 80&#39;s and Entertaining the New York area for 30 years.<br /> Performing at<br /> Weddings, Town Festivals, Taverns, Restaurants, Private Parties, ReUnions, Park Venues, Concerts, Parades, Schools&nbsp;and Backyards.<br /> Contact for pricing<br /> Tim<br /> <a href="mailto:tim66@frontiernet">tim66@frontiernet</a>.net<br />
Mar 24, 2011, 2:50:22 pm
Feb 28     New Country Cd by Todd Berry   10.00
New Country Cd by Todd Berry
<p> <strong>Country music at its best!!!&nbsp; Great vocals and equally great lyrics equal great country songs that make up this first CD released by Todd Berry, Better Days to Cry.&nbsp; </strong><br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>A solid country sound performed in Nashville along with vocals recorded at Studio D in Summitville, Indiana and Spotlight Studios in Galloway, Ohio created a enticing and exciting country CD capable of leaving old country fans shaking, and new country fans with their jaws on the floor, housewives quivering, and urban-kids feeling hip for a second or two, Better Days to Cry is as pure and emotional as it gets.&nbsp;</strong><br /> &nbsp;</p>
Feb 28, 2011, 6:32:42 am
Feb 8     Free Video Upload of Your Live...   0.00    World Wide
Free Video Upload of Your Live Performance
<p> Upload Your Live Performance Video for Free<br /> under Music<br /> <br /></p>
Feb 8, 2011, 10:01:59 am